GS-4 GSeat


GS-4 Racing Simulator G-Seat

GS-4 G-Seat

Are you sitting comfortably? That depends on how you drive!

The TrackDay motor racing simulator comes fitted with a GS-4 G-Seat, a full 6DoF* motion feedback system for realist feel racing simulation.

Unlike other racing motion seats available, the GS-4 can produce strong sustained motion feed-back and responds to all up/down/side-to-side and forward/backward G-forces that occur in racing simulation meaning almost every motion cue you feel in a real racing car can be conveyed by the GS-4 G-Seat.

Being a true 6DoF seat, it is fully integrated with and controlled by the TrackDay’s Sim Commander software which offers excellent tunability of motion settings and true physics based vibration feed-back giving you that real-world racing feel through simulation of acceleration, braking, left and right turning and bumps on the track.

Please note, this product has been withdrawn from production we shall keep you informed as to when it is available again.

* Six degrees of freedom