PHT Vertical 3 Pedal


PHT Vertical 3 Pedals

PHT Vertical 3 Pedal

Designed for the ultimate in sim racing

HPP Simulation’s unique design started with a blank sheet of paper with the goal of a purpose built hydraulic system specifically designed for the ultimate in sim racing. We integrated the master cylinder with a reverse acting slave cylinder. This avoided the need for any fluid lines, as well as providing a very compact footprint in size. Machined out of 6061T6 aluminum, along with the use of only high quality hardware and components ensures HPP’s pedals can take the most rugged use and are of the utmost in high quality.


Each unit comes with 2 rubber bumpers for fine tuning the brake feel to individual preferences. There is a hard bumper and a soft bumper. In addition to these, the user can fine tune their preference by adjusting the pre-load on the bumpers. The braking threshold and modulation feedback provided to the user via our hydraulic system is outstanding.


The gas pedal incorporates a linear slide potentiometer unlike the common rotary potentiometer found on a lot of pedal systems. This provides true positional linearity relative to pedal movement. The end result is a super smooth and accurate gas pedal movement.


The very unique clutch design and mechanism provides a true clutch-like feel for the ultimate immersion factor.