The TrackDay simulator is one of the best simulators
I’ve ever been on, it rivals the Red Bull sim, that just
shows how good I think this simulator really is.

The feed back when the car slides, to the sim seat
moving is spot on, the brake pedal is solid just like
a real race car and the force feedback you get from
the wheel is perfect.

I came off the simulator feeling like I had actually
done real laps in a race car pure adrenalin.
The TrackDay simulator is also the perfect size to fit
anywhere and the price is very good for what you’re
actually getting.

Riki Christo

British Karting Champion, European Karting Vice Champion, Formula Renault and Formula 3 Race Winner

Riki began racing in 1996, and has raced karts in the UK, Italy, France, Belgium, including winning at Spa, and in Japan. He then Riki moved up to Formula Renault, Formula 3 and then Gt3.




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The TrackDay simulator is one of the best sim’s I’ve ever been on, it rivals the Red Bull sim…read more

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