The TrackDay Simulator

Making every day a track day.

You go racing to the best of your teams financial ability –  the car’s prepared, the tyres are new… the least prepared element will be the driver because track time is expensive so driver time is limited to a fraction of what they really would like to get to grips with the track and the car.

Natural ability will only get your driver so far, natural ability and 1000’s of hours practice will get them further… this is only realistically and cost effectively achieved through the aid of simulation.

The TrackDay simulator allows your driver(s) to practice, lap after lap after lap in possibly the best configured portable motorsport simulator on the market. Gain the competitive advantage by honing their skills to perfection on laser scanned tracks where every bump, dip and curve is 100% accurate to the real thing.

It’s time to make sure your driver is as prepared as your car.

3Dof full motion racing simulation

Accurate rear traction loss simulation

 The best motion engine on the market

64 Adjustible motion parameters

250 motion updates per second

Laser scanned tracks, precise to the millimeter

Cars laser scanned and developed from manufacturers data

Precise analytical telemetry

Developed for professional motorsport drivers

Only the very best will do

We believe that to be the best you have to use the best, and there’s no better way to simulate motorsport than by using the products developed for motorsport. Our pedal box for instance is developed by a very reputable sports car builder using actual motorsport parts. Our Gs-4 G Seat is a whole new game changer in 6DoF seat technology, using techniques developed for Olympic athletes.

Rear traction loss as standard

Our TrackDay simulator is developed to give the most realistic off track performance possible and to do that we source the very best components on the market. We use the rock solid motion software and render engine from SimXperience along with their legendary rear traction loss rig as the core components for our simulator, every other component compliments these perfectly and are all powered by our mothership system.

Feel the road like you where there

Our TrackDay simulator is an experience that you just can’t sum up in  a few words, it’s all about the feel through the wheel, the G-force and stresses on your body, the movement of the simulator, the actual feedback from the road and the overall learning experience you get from churning out the track hours on one of our pro level simulators something which would be either very costly or impossible in the real world.

Accuracy is key to the TrackDay simulator

We advocate the use of simulation software that’s been developed from laser scanning every millimeter of a race track and utilizes high defination photography to texture map the environment making it as accurate and realistic as possible. Plus every race car is laser scanned and developing in conjunction with the actual cars manufacturer using official data so the cars feel and drive like the real thing.