SimVibe Edition of
ButtKicker Mini LFE

Butt Kicker Mini LFE SE Bass Transducer and amplifier

Feel the noise

SimVibe provides physics based tactile response to the TrackDay simulator. The ButtKicker mini LFE SE (SimVibe Edition) is designed for the unique tactile signals generated by SimVibe. Because SimVibe is physics based, rather than audio based, the signal provided to the ButtKicker mini LFE transducer is “faster” and more intense than a standard low frequency audio track. With this kind of signal a standard mini LFE can easily reach its’ pistons’ limit of travel (bottom out) and produce unwanted noise. The ButtKicker mini LFE SE uses a dampening acoustic foam to reduce the noise generated by rapid piston movement (essential for a realistic experience using SimVibe). The result is a ButtKicker transducer well suited to the unique demands of SimVibe and your TrackDay simulator.

The redesigned ButtKicker internals are optimized for SimVibe producing improved response, detail reduced transducer noise frequency response – 10Hz – 250Hz 150 Watt maximum when used with SimVibe which produces  a crisper, harder hitting signal delivering stunning realism, immersion and impact on our simulator.

With the 5 Butt Kicker mini LFE SE units fitted to the TrackDay simulator you will feel every engine throttle drip, gear shift, crash and crack in the track surface on your way to victory lane.