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Sim Commander 4

Motion simulator software

Realistic motion simulation can only be achieved with an advanced motion simulation software engine. The world’s first voice controlled simulator software engine, the Sim Commander 4, creates all the TrackDay simulators movement instructions and therefore is one of the most critical parts of our professional performance simulator.

Because this software engine is so paramount to the success of the movement accuracy with the TrackDay we only fit Sim Commander. This sim software has the proven track record of being the most versatile and advanced motion simulator engine on the market today, it’s ease of use, performance and tunability makes it a real must for our top performance simulator.

Every aspect of the motion simulator is fully customusable including acceleration, braking, lateral G forces, yaw, pitch, roll and traction loss. What is more all your system customisation is done in real-time, so either yourself or your race team engineers can alter and adapt the driving experience mid training, not stopping for lengthy calibrations which obviously is counter productive for a training.

Simple To Use

Complete Control of Motion

Virtual Dashboard

Advanced Charting Capability

Virtual Button Boxes

SimVibe Tactile Feedback

Parallel Tasking Motion Engine

Easily Share Motion Setups

Extremely Fast